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Reiki -

The emerging higher energy healing technique and power for the new world. Compassion, warmth, love, healing, light.


Welcome to Reiki Spirit.

Reiki is an energetic healing 
and relaxation technique that is 
amazingly effective, gentle and 
non-invasive.  Reiki is as powerful from a 
distance as it is in person.  Reiki is 
fast becoming 
one of the most sought after 
alternative therapies in the world, 
as people realize it's power and 

There is a comprehensive explanation about Reiki and it's history on 
my "about Reiki" page.

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My name is Kristin Strachan.  I am a certified master practitioner of Reiki in Denver, Colorado.  I offer hands-on or distance Reiki, and am happy to travel in the Denver front range area.
Reiki therapy does not conflict with any religion or belief system.  One definition of Reiki is "God consciousness directed energy" or "universal life force".  Reiki has it's own intelligence and wisdom, goes where it can do the most good, and will just be deflected by an unwilling recipient.
Reiki is as effective at a distance as it is in person, and there is virtually nothing that cannot be treated with Reiki.  I give Reiki to humans and animals, situations and places.
Animals are particularly receptive to Reiki energy, and generally respond very well to it.  Even if it is time for the passing of a person or animal, it can help to calm and comfort that being and the beings surrounding him or her.
I encourage everyone to learn about Reiki, and even become attuned to the energy themselves.  If one only treats themselves and their families and animals, this is a great contribution to the welfare of the planet and her beings.


Please see my products page for a schedule of Reiki offerings.



Alpine scenic, Aspen, CO

Animals love Reiki!

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